How it Works

How it Works

As a mystery shopper for StealthyShopper, your valuable observations and insights will help our clients improve their customer experience. We work in close coordination with knowledgeable, detail-oriented mystery shoppers who are passionate and have the ability to provide valuable suggestions to help improve the customer experience. If you think you are the right person for this sort of work, we encourage you to join our team of talented shoppers who are working to help bring positive change in the lives of other customers’ and the businesses they shop at.

Becoming a Mystery shopper is very easy and you can do so by following the below mentioned easy steps:

1. Create an Account

Select a username and password that you will use to log in to our system and complete the subsequent steps.

2. Sign Up

Once you have selected a Username and Password, you need to provide basic information such as your name, age, and contact information to complete your profile. Your information is treated with utmost respect and secured at all times.

3. Qualification

You need to answer our short questionnaire with your application to help us judge whether you are the right candidate for the task or not.

4. Additional Documentation
  1. You are required to provide your SIN or SSN (for Canadian and U.S Residents). It is optional but it will be required later on when you need to withdraw any funds. You also need to choose a preferred payment method.
  2. A small administration fee is required to complete your sign up process.

Once you have completed these steps and submitted your application, we will get back to you within 3 to 5 working days with a final decision on your application.

5. Assignment

Once you have been approved, you will have the chance to complete the assignments. You can do so in the following manner:

  1. Head to our job board and select an assignment that piques your interest
  2. Fill out a brief questionnaire regarding your shopping experience
  3. Upon successful review of your assignment, you will be paid!

As you can see, the process to become a mystery shopper is very easy and simple and you can do so with ease plus you will be helping out in a very positive way!